Post-holiday haze & some running

This week was really odd. I think I prefer the Finnish version of the Easter holiday (only Friday and Monday off) to the Danish one, because coming back from the long holiday has been really difficult. I have absolutely no motivation or focus for school right now. My concentration has been really off anyway, seems like I can’t do anything without doing something else at the same time. I’ve started listening to the Harry Potter audiobooks, and to be able to focus on those I need to be constantly doing something else as well. This something else has been a really stupid bubble game… What is my life. Why can’t my obsessions ever be something productive or useful?

I think that because I was walking around so much last week in Germany, I was feeling very active this week as well. On Monday I went for a short run (partly because I wanted to listen to the audiobooks… 😀 I’m so hooked). On Wednesday I wasn’t feeling good, and so I skipped the school day, but after feeling better on the afternoon went for a walk.

On Friday the weather was really nice, and so I wanted to do some exploring. I looked around, and decided to go and check out a beach called Tisvildeje Strand about 40 minutes away from Lyngby. It was near this really cute little town, and I can imagine it being a nice holiday spot in the summer.

In the evening I travelled to Nørrebro to meet Minna, and she showed me around her favourite local places. It’s really nice to see how the city seems to be coming alive now that it’s a bit warmer and sunnier!

On Saturday I joined my buddy Laura for a charity run called Ocean Run 2018. The run was organized to raise awareness of plastic pollution in the ocean, and to raise money for the non-profit organization Plastic ChangeFor every lap (2km), 20kr were donated to the organization. We were going to run maybe 3 laps, but after 6km it seemed silly not to do the 10km, so that’s what we ended up doing. Amager Strand was a really nice place for running, except for the fact that half of the lap was always against wind, which was really strong on Saturday.

In the evening I joined my uncle and cousins for a dinner and drinks, and for the first time visited the meatpacking district. It was pretty cool!

Today I’ve had a pretty bad hangover, thanks to the fact that I didn’t drink enough water after the run, but instead focused on cider & wine. Oh well. The weather today was unbelievably warm – 16 degrees! It was snowing like a week ago?? But I’m not complaining – it’s finally spring! Woop woop!

Healthy hangover lunch with Caroline. 😀

That’s all for this week! Byeee.

Easter holiday trip to Germany

Hello blog! This week I travelled to Germany! I first took a bus to Rødby, where I got on a train that then went into a ferry! It was pretty cool.



I arrived to Lübeck Hbf around 16 on Monday, and found my way to the Stadt-gut-Hotel Baltic. My room was on the top floor, and I cannot tell you how happy I was to have the bathroom and shower all to myself after now sharing them with the housemates for over a month. 😀 Not that it has been that bad. I just like my own space.

After dropping my things at the hotel I headed to the city center. The whole old town/center of the city is on an island, and to get to it you get to walk past Holstentor, the old city gate. Wikipedia tells me that it was built in 1464, which is crazy. The towers do look a bit crooked though, so I guess the age explains that.

The first night I got dinner at a restaurant called Yachtzimmer. It was really nice! Although I realise that is what I keep writing about every restaurant I go to… But it was! I did the whole 3 course meal thing again… I think that I’m used to going out with people who don’t want to spend all their money on food, and now that I’m eating at restaurants alone I think I have to start being that person for myself. Or not. Eating is important. And fun.

The view from my window in the morning!

On Tuesday I ate breakfast at the hotel, because it was included in the price. Then I headed to the old town again and did a “Time Travel” walking tour I found from the Lübeck website. It took me around most of the sights in the city (of which most were churches).

Lübeck railway station

Apparently Lübeck is known for their marsipan, and especially for this store.

Inside St. Mary’s Church (Marienkirche).

The bells of Marienkirche fell to the ground during an air raid in 1942, and have been left there as a memorial.
There’s a legend that the devil helped build St. Mary’s church after being tricked into thinking it was going to be a wine bar… What a betrayal! Would have made one fancy wine bar… 😀

All the walking made me pretty hungry, to the point that I was getting frustrated when I walked around and didn’t find a cafe. In the end I went to a place where I bought a hot dog thing (it wasn’t that good).

After my sad lunch I hopped on a boat tour around the city island. The tour was in German, so I just mostly focused on drinking sparkling wine and taking pictures.

After the tour I was tipsy and happy, and decided to see what the city looked like from above, from Sankt Petri’s tower.

Tuesday’s dinner was pizza at L’Osteria, which was not as good as Gorm’s was last weekend. The pizza was huge though, and the starter salad as well. After dinner I found my way back to the train station, and travelled to Schwerin.


On Schwerin I had an interesting start – I was welcomed to the hotel where I was staying with a note on the door that asked me to go to a “Lounge Bar” to find the person who would check me in. 😀 As a bonus, she didn’t really speak English, but there was a guy who helped me, and it all worked out. Although the room was in a different address than I expected, next to the bar. But it was a nice (big!) room, and I slept like a log.

Schwerin train station

On Wednesday morning I checked out, and dropped my stuff at a locker in the train station. Then I headed to Schwerin Castle, as it was the whole reason I had decided to come to the city. It was so cool! Straight out of a fairy tale or a Disney movie. Crazy to think that the people who lived there weren’t even kings or emperors, but dukes and grand dukes (more specifically the dukes and grand dukes of Mecklenburg and Mecklenburg-Schwerin).

After touring the castle and it’s garden I visited Staatliches Museum right next to it.

I had my dinner at a restaurant called Bolero (which was kind of like Amarillo), and then jumped on a train towards Berlin.

I think that the one day that I spent in Schwerin was quite enough. The city wasn’t that big, and the fact that people didn’t really speak English made some things a bit difficult. But the castle is definitely worth visiting!


The contrast between Schwerin and Berlin was pretty huge. The central train station was sooo big, and to me felt more like an airport than a train station. 😀 From the station I took a taxi to my hotel, and went straight to sleep.

On Thursday I had the whole day to spend in Berlin, and I tried to do as much as I could. I started the day by walking to the Victory Column in Tiergarten, and from there to the Brandenburg Gate. Then I followed the mass of tourists to the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe. It was cool to see all these places in person, after of course seeing so, SO many tourist pictures from when friends have visited them. Of course I had to take pictures as well, so here are mine:

I have been suffering from dry eyes for a while now, which has been making my eyes water a lot. It was windy at the memorial, and so of course they were watering like crazy. I must have looked like I was really moved by the experience, walking around alone and wiping my eyes every two minutes…

I had just finished the book All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr on the way to Berlin, and because it is set to Germany and France during World War II, it made the visit to Berlin actually a lot more interesting. Not that the city wouldn’t have been interesting on its own, because my god is it so much bigger than Copenhagen or Helsinki.

Next I walked to the Berlin Wall Memorial, and then took a train back to Alexanderplatz. After being a tourist I did a bit of shopping, and then met up with Suvi, who moved to Berlin on Tuesday! We visited a few second hand shops (I found a jacket!), and then had dinner at a nice tapas place called (imaginatively) Tapas.

A happy new Berliner

On Friday I enjoyed a lovely breakfast buffet at the hotel, said goodbye to my week of luxurious private bathrooms and hotel beds, and took a taxi to the bus station.


On the way back to Copenhagen I stopped in Hamburg for a few hours. My Flixbus was an hour late, so the 3,5 hours that I was supposed to have in Hamburg turned into 2,5… But that was OK. I walked around the city a little, enjoyed the sun (of course it shined now, on a day that I’m mostly spending on trains and buses, and not when I was out taking pictures…), and ate lunch at a burger place (had to have a hamburger in Hamburg 😀 ).

The place I found, Burgerlich, was so cool! All the tables had tablets that you used to place your orders using these little cards, and then when you left the restaurant they checked the card to see what you had. Also, the food was so good that I actually had to check if they had restaurants in other cities, because I would definitely go back if I ever found one again. I found out that there is one in Dresden, and one in Köln.

A view from the train.

On the way back I got to enjoy the most beautiful sunset from the ferry. A great ending for my amazing trip! I was really surprised how well everything went – I was totally expecting something to go wrong.


Weekend! My friend Juulia from Finland was visiting her Danish friends, and invited me to hang out with them on Saturday and Sunday. We drank wine, played pool (and the Danish variation which is apparently called Skomager), and had a good time. 🙂 Not much to say about it, an awesome way to end the (already) really great week.

Burgers @ Gasoline
She’s the coolest.

Harry Styles & visitors from Finland

Hello blog!

On Monday I decided quite randomly to go to a Harry Styles concert. I happened to see an advertisement somewhere, thought about it, and then figured that he probably won’t be coming to Finland any time soon (no-one ever does…). And, because I really liked his album (and am living my new independent life :’D), I just decided to go.

I’m so glad that I went – the concert was amazing! Man, I so thought my 1D fangirl-phase was over… Buuut I think I fell back in love. Harry’s new stuff is really good! I have been listening his song From the Dining Table on repeat.

On Thursday we had dinner with the Norwegian friends again. Minna couldn’t come this time because her voice was still gone. 🙁 But the rest of us had a nice time making tortillas (again 😀 )!

On the weekend I had my dad & godparents visiting from Finland! It was so nice to see them again, and to show them around my new home town. They arrived on Thursday evening, and I met up with them on Nørreport. From there we walked to their apartment. THE PLACE WAS CRAZY. It was on Stockholmsgade, and you could see the National Gallery SMK from the windows. The interior design was really nice (& fancy!), and the lady who the house belonged to was really sweet. On the first night we had dinner around the corner from the apartment, at Aamanns. We had smørrebrød, which I think I finally get now. It’s good! And I also learned that you’re always supposed to eat it with a knife and a fork. Good to know. 😀

On Friday morning we met at Lyngby and got some breakfast, and then I showed my visitors around our house and the campus.

After seeing DTU we decided to take my car and drive up to Helsingør, and visit the Kronborg CastleIt was really cool, and made me want to read Hamlet, which is supposed to be set there. We bought tickets to walk around the castle, and climbed up to the tower.

There were two rooms full of pictures of famous actors who have acted in live versions of Hamlet in the castle.

After the castle we decided to go for lunch in Helsingør. We opted for “modern asian” food at a place called Ø. We all went for their bento box, which was delicious.

After returning from Helsingør we checked out the pub next to my house in Lyngby. 😀 It was interesting… But definitely not as weird as I thought it might be. There were a lot of people drinking and playing pool, considering that the time was around 5pm (I think). Also, because smoking is allowed inside bars here, the inside air was pretty bad.

In Copenhagen we decided to have our dinner in the apartment, to get some use out of the dining room. Riitta prepared duck, and it was glorious. 😀

We started Saturday by going shopping. Well, Riitta and I did. Dad and Timo went to check out their old hangout places. Riitta bought me a late birthday present – a bag that I can hide my camera in without it looking so much like a camera bag. 🙂 After shopping we met up for lunch at Gorm’s. Their pizza was insanely good. After lunch we headed to the national gallery SMK. 

In the evening (after a short nap) we headed out again, to Nyhavn. Funnily enough, we ended up having dinner in the same restaurant, Nyhavn 37, where we had Irish Coffees on my birthday. 😀 This time I got lobster, steak, and a creme brûlée. They were all delicious.

My visitors left on Sunday morning, but we met up for breakfast before that.

Next week is the easter break, and I’m heading to Germany! I’m feeling a bit scared (but also excited), because this is my first time going solo traveling. 😀 If all else fails, I can always just chill in my hotel room and watch Netflix. Which is what I have been doing all day today…

The plan is to go to Lübeck tomorrow, then to Schwerin on Tuesday evening, and to Berlin on Wednesday evening. Then, on Friday, I will travel back home through Hamburg. The weather forecast doesn’t look that promising right now, but I will hope for the best!

Have a nice week! 🙂