Week of anticipation

Yeeah so I haven’t been able to focus on anything this week, because I have a terrible case of käjä, kännijännä:

Kännijännä (n., Finnish), the feeling of anxiety about the fact that you might get drunk later.

Or maybe I’m just nervous about the flight.

It’s Wappu! I’m flying home today, and so I thought I would just post about the week now, and about Wappu maybe after I return to Denmark. The picture above is from last year. I’m so hyped!

I ran past Sorgenfri Palace again on my run on Tuesday.

There isn’t that much to report about the week, though. On Monday I biked to Ballerup and did some work on my list app (it can now store data!). On Tuesday I attended a lecture about Process Mining, and worked on the project that is due some time after Wappu (if such a time even exists?). After that lecture I came home, wrote a song, watched Netflix, and spent way too much time looking at stupid YouTube videos, went for a run – because I just have all this extra time that I definitely shouldn’t be spending studying… On Wednesday I just worked on a project for the course Agile Object-oriented Software Development, and today I had a presentation on my Project Management class.

And now I’m trying not to get too freaked out about the fact that I’ll be on a plane in 4 hours and 3 minutes. If it isn’t obvious, I have a fear of flying. But I’m doing it, and it’ll be fine. Right?

6 hours and I’ll see her again!

And after it I’ll see my dog! And then it’s Wappu! Woop woop!

Summer weather & spontaneity

Summer is here! Or was for a few days! On Monday we stayed at the school late again, and finished our project for the Advanced Topics in Software Engineering course. On Tuesday we had the presentation – it wasn’t a fail! Not amazing, but not a fail.

On Wednesday evening I went to Torvehallerne with Minna and Caroline for sushi and wine. I made the massive error of buying the expensive wine from the sushi place, even though we ate outside, and could have just gone to Netto to buy it there for much cheaper. But at least the wine was good.

On Thursday the weather got even better, and I actually got some tan while biking to and from Ballerup. BUT then on Friday I managed to turn the tan to a sunburn, when I decided to study outside for a few hours… After that I bought some sun protection – but then left it home on Saturday and burned myself again. This week has not been a good brain week. On Thursday I also went to the gym! Yay sports.

On Friday I also joined my housemates for a bike ride! We drove through the deer park (which is so close to the house! Why has it taken me so long to go there?), and along the coast to Charlottenlund again. I still love it. Something about the colour of the pier just makes me happy.

The deer were so chill! And there were so many!

Look at it!

In the evening I saw Anna at the city center. We drank wine and joined some friends at Lo Jo’s. And (!!!) when I arrived at Nørreport to meet Anna, I saw Alex Høgh Andersen, the guy who plays Ivar in the TV show Vikings!! I’m so uncool, but I got so excited, I think he’s the only Danish celebrity I follow on Instagram and then he was just suddenly there. 😀

On Saturday I joined friends to a trip to Helsingør and the Kronborg Castle (again). We took a tour of the castle and it’s basement, and then ate lunch at Helsingør. After lunch we took the ferry to Helsingborg, Sweden, where we walked around for a while before hopping on a train that took us back to Copenhagen, through Malmö and the bridge.

Arriving at Helsingborg

On Saturday evening  I went out with Anna again “for some wine”, and was back home maybe around 7 in the morning. Whoops. My original plan was to spend this weekend studying, because next weekend I’ll be in Finland for Wappu… Buuut I woke up today at around 16 so that definitely didn’t happen. Oh well.

Have a nice week!

School stress & a trip to Skagen and Aalborg!

S O S please, someone help me, it’s not healthyy how I have been avoiding all school stress so far and now that the deadlines and exams are coming I’m not prepared at all. :–) Yay. This week we realised that the project for Advanced Topics in Software Engineering requires a little bit more concentration from us than we were giving it, and so we had to spend a lot of the week working on that. Apparently we should present something next week as well. Sos…

On Wednesday we had a dinner at Tonje’s place again, and this time ate sushi instead of tortillas. 😀

Spring is coming to DTU!

Luckily (or not, let’s see how the presentation goes on Tuesday 😀 ) we had planned a trip to Skagen and Aalborg for the weekend. Unfortunately Minna fell ill and had to stay home ( 🙁 ), but Elfi and I still went. We took the ferry from Sjællands Odde to Aarhus on Friday, and then drove to Skagen.

Skagen was quite the experience! The first thing we went to see was Grenen, the point where the two seas, Kattegat and Skagerrak meet at the northernmost tip of Denmark. It was cool, and because we arrived at Skagen quite late, we were pretty much the only people there. I’m a bit bummed that the water was so cold, it would have been cool to do the tourist thing of standing with my feet in two different seas. Oh well.

After Grenen we went to see Den Tilsandede Kirke, an old church that was partly buried in the sand in the 18th century. It was cool, but a bit unnerving to think about.

Our Friday ended with a walk around the (really cute) town center. We ate at an Italian restaurant, and went for drinks to another place. Both restaurants were nice, but for some reason the locals (or at least we thought they were locals) at the first restaurant were openly staring at us the whole time we were there, so much so that it made us really uncomfortable. I mean Skagen is a popular attraction, shouldn’t they be used to tourists?

Next morning we had breakfast at a bakery in the town, and then headed to Det Grå Fyr, a lighthouse near the spot we visited on the previous day.

The lighthouse was connected to a museum about migratory birds, and we had to buy the ticket for that in order to get to go to the top. But it was totally worth it (and the bird stuff was kind of interesting…), the view was breathtaking.

Even better view of the two seas colliding than we got on Friday!

After spending a good while at the lighthouse taking in the view, we headed back to the AirBnb, said goodbye to the chickens that were living in the backyard, and headed to Rådbjerg Mile. The Mile is a migrating coastal dune and it really blew us away. We were expecting something similar to what we saw at Grenen, and not at all the desert-like huge sand dunes that were actually there.

I’m calling this picture “Anakin’s Nightmare”.

It was a really warm day…

We hiked (Or maybe just walked – what constitutes as hiking? Do you have to wear sporty clothes? Or is it about the attitude? We had a lot of attitude) along the dunes for a while, and then got in the car and drove to Aalborg.

Aalborg was really cool! I was thinking that surely Aarhus had to be special in it’s charm, but now I’m starting to think that Danish cities are just really nice in general. There were all these little houses hiding between bigger (just as cute) ones, and (of course) several cool churches. The AirBnb we stayed in was cool as well – so much so that we kind of started crushing on the host even though we didn’t even meet him, just through all the cool stuff he had. 😀 And on that topic, there were a LOT of cute guys in Aalborg. I understand now why my mom spent her exchange studies in there… 😀

Jomfru Ane Gade

This is where we had our dinner. It seemed to be popular among the locals as well – it was packed both in the evening and the next morning.

Today we had a breakfast brunch at the city center, walked around a bit, and then headed on our way.

We drove first to a town called Nibe, after picking it randomly from the map. It was a little town near the sea, but not really what we were looking for. We had some time before our ferry back to Sjællands Odde, and so we drove to check out Ebeltoft. It was a nice little town with old houses and a cute vibe. At that point the weather was getting a bit foggy (and cold), so we didn’t explore that much – just found a restaurant, ate, and then continued to Aarhus.

We ate here. They charged me 59kr for a water.

That’s all. Have a nice week!