Journey home & the next weekend

Sooo I’m back in Finland. Boooooo. No but I really do miss Copenhagen already.

My original plan for last Monday was to  just pack and chill at home, but then suddenly I realised that I wanted to go and have one last Copenhagen day. Soo I spent the day really dramatically saying my goodbyes to all my places. I also did some shopping – oh and finally visited the round tower!

Bye bye bike! This is where I left it most of the time when I went to the city.

On Monday I also had my last dinner in Copenhagen, with Sotiria, which was sad. But I’ll see her when I go to Greece. 🙂

In the evening we had a nice house mate chilling session with sparking wine and some snacks.

On Tuesday I finished packing and went to drop off my keys at DTU – and it was closed because of some national holiday. Luckily I was able to leave my keys to a friend, and was able to get on the road.

First I drove to Lund, because I had heard that it was a nice city to visit. It was! I found a cafe, and had breakfast/lunch there.

From Lund to my next destination, Jönköping, Google took me through some pretty small roads, but after about 3 hours I finally arrived. I dropped my stuff at the hotel, and then headed to the city to get dinner. I was really tired from all the driving, so my Jönköping experience was a bit limited. After dinner I just drove back to the hotel and watched a movie.

On Wednesday I had a nice breakfast at the hotel, and then continued my Swedish roadtrip. I first drove to Grännä for a coffee break and some polkagris shopping.

From there I continued to Stockholm. I had no energy (again) to really wander around the city, so I just walked to the Old Town and wandered around there for the time that I had before my ship left. I found myself also really irrationally angry at Stockholm for not being Copenhagen. Oh and I had dinner at a place which I guess would have been more like a “social dining” place, because when I ordered salmon and potatoes I got like 12 potatoes and just a little bit of salmon. The food was really good though. 😀 Tasty potatoes.

In the ship I spent the evening looking out from a window with a book and some red wine. It was pretty nice, except that I was also feeling really down because the trip was at an end.

But on Thursday I was happy again, because I was reunited with my darling dog. <3

The first weekend back was spent reuniting with friends and trying to find positive sides to being back in Finland. I guess this is an ok country too.

Just not quite as hygge as Denmark.