Journey home & the next weekend

Sooo I’m back in Finland. Boooooo. No but I really do miss Copenhagen already.

My original plan for last Monday was to  just pack and chill at home, but then suddenly I realised that I wanted to go and have one last Copenhagen day. Soo I spent the day really dramatically saying my goodbyes to all my places. I also did some shopping – oh and finally visited the round tower!

Bye bye bike! This is where I left it most of the time when I went to the city.

On Monday I also had my last dinner in Copenhagen, with Sotiria, which was sad. But I’ll see her when I go to Greece. 🙂

In the evening we had a nice house mate chilling session with sparking wine and some snacks.

On Tuesday I finished packing and went to drop off my keys at DTU – and it was closed because of some national holiday. Luckily I was able to leave my keys to a friend, and was able to get on the road.

First I drove to Lund, because I had heard that it was a nice city to visit. It was! I found a cafe, and had breakfast/lunch there.

From Lund to my next destination, Jönköping, Google took me through some pretty small roads, but after about 3 hours I finally arrived. I dropped my stuff at the hotel, and then headed to the city to get dinner. I was really tired from all the driving, so my Jönköping experience was a bit limited. After dinner I just drove back to the hotel and watched a movie.

On Wednesday I had a nice breakfast at the hotel, and then continued my Swedish roadtrip. I first drove to Grännä for a coffee break and some polkagris shopping.

From there I continued to Stockholm. I had no energy (again) to really wander around the city, so I just walked to the Old Town and wandered around there for the time that I had before my ship left. I found myself also really irrationally angry at Stockholm for not being Copenhagen. Oh and I had dinner at a place which I guess would have been more like a “social dining” place, because when I ordered salmon and potatoes I got like 12 potatoes and just a little bit of salmon. The food was really good though. 😀 Tasty potatoes.

In the ship I spent the evening looking out from a window with a book and some red wine. It was pretty nice, except that I was also feeling really down because the trip was at an end.

But on Thursday I was happy again, because I was reunited with my darling dog. <3

The first weekend back was spent reuniting with friends and trying to find positive sides to being back in Finland. I guess this is an ok country too.

Just not quite as hygge as Denmark.

Distortion & the last week in Copenhagen

On Monday me & Minna took my car to see Møns Klint, this cool stretch of chalk cliffs about 2 hours drive away from Copenhagen. They were really cool – here are some pictures:

We were again SOOO lucky with the weather – it rained really heavily in the morning when we had originally planned to leave, but after a few hours delay the rain had gone, and when we got there we had sunshine!

On the way back we ate at this restaurant that had a fun concept – you ordered a piece of meat from their meat display, and then took all else from this really good salad buffet. Their inside decor was really cool as well!

On Tuesday we had a long-planned party night with the Norwegians, to celebrate their exams being over and done with. 🙂 Before going there I met up with my buddy group for a goodbye picnic thing, after which we went and got some street food.

Then it was Distortion time! On Wednesday there was a street party in Nørrebro, and on Thursday it had moved to the streets of Vesterbro! The festival was really cool – just massive amounts of really drunk Danish people. 😀 I had a mission to get a cocktail bucket, which I managed on Thursday. Goals.

Friday was the last day in Copenhagen for Minna, and we invited all of our friends to chill at Kongens Have for a farewell picnic. It was fun, but also kind of sad, because there is a good chance that we’ll never see a lot of people that we have met here again. 🙁

On Saturday I had my last beach day at Klampenborg – and did the last bike ride through the deer park. 🙁 It has been such a nice route! I’ll miss the deer.

Then I met up with Anna in the city. We started by chilling at a park with a wine bottle, then grabbed some sushi and finally visited some bars. After Anna left home I travelled back to Lyngby, and joined Sotiria in her kollegiet for a party there. It was really fun!

Today I met with the Norwegians for the last time (for now!) for a park chill day.

I’m really sad that it’s ending! I think it will hit me only after I’ve returned to Finland, or maybe on the way there. Tomorrow I’ll just pack up my stuff, and then hopefully hang with the housemates in the evening. On Tuesday I’ll try to get to the road pretty early (so probably around 13).

Oh god I’m getting sad now.

But I’ll see my dog on Thursday! Going to focus on that.