Wappu in Finland & the aftermath

I survived my flights! It wasn’t even all that bad!

Note to future Mari reading these (in case you’re still afraid of flying) – you can do it! You might (and probably will) cry during take-off, but if you’re going to/from Finland people around will probably ignore you, so it’s fine. And after the plane is in the air, it’s not that bad. Also being drunk/hungover helps. Wine is a friend. Also – you can’t buy drinks from the plane with a Visa Electron or cash, so be prepared for that. If you look enough like a pathetic weeping mess they might give you water though.

Okay, back to the week. Wappu was… fun. 😀 It was basically 5 days of partying, and I’m not going to write about that much about it, but here is the trip in pictures:

My best bae.
Friday afterwork drinks
Saturday we had a traditional Wappu house tour. I left my car to Denmark so I had to come up with alternative transport methods.

Wappu-Iida <3
The colour-coordinated dream team
On Sunday there was a music festival in Smökki.

The Retuperä Voluntary Fire Brigade Band at the Declaration of Wappu Rowdiness.

Athene’s Wappu boat to Helsinki!

Just a DJ under a bridge.
The main deal about Wappu is that we can start wearing our student caps (Teekkarilakki in Finnish) again at midnight on 1st of May, and then in the next morning we gather to Ullanlinnanmäki for a picnic. This year I got up a lot earlier than in previous years. 😀
The weather wasn’t the best… 
… but luckily Wappu is a state of mind.
Farewells to the dog. Only a month and I’ll be back to see her!

I came back to Denmark on Wednesday, and hurried to a project presentation straight from the airport. It didn’t go that well, because I didn’t have time/energy to prepare, and had basically forgotten what I had done in the project. But I think I remembered enough to pass, and that’s all I wanted.

On Thursday morning I joined a friend to a riding tour with Icelandic Horses in Dragør! It was really cool, even though I was super tired from the trip, and we had to wake up really early. The weather was lovely, and we rode the horses into the sea. At first we just let them eat seaweed and splash around, but then we raced back to the shoreline and got soaked. 😀 The horses were happy though. Mine was called Blidfari. 🙂

The rest of the week was then mostly spent on sitting in my small room, fighting a cold that the Wappu picnic on Tuesday (and maybe also riding in the water) unfortunately brought on.

I’ve also been battling with a growing panic about all the work I need to get done before the Norway trip that starts tomorrow evening… I was supposed to be reading Project Management the whole weekend, but then I realised that I also need to get the app done by Monday.

On Friday I studied (and rested… the cold really made me slow) at home during the day, and then in the evening met the Norwegians and Minna for a dinner in a burger restaurant in Østerbro.

On Saturday I realised at some point that I didn’t get that much done at home, and took myself to a cafe in Lyngby.

Today I joined people from my buddy group to see Avengers: Infinity War. My god. I really loved it. I’m such a sucker for a superhero movie… I don’t want to give SPOILERS, but watching that after also finishing the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince audiobook today really brought on the feels. Can’t wait to see the second part of the film.


And I think that’s all for now.

Have a nice week!