Exploring fjords in Norway

So, this week I attended an ESN trip to Norway. And the trip was amazing! Would it be possible to transfer few of the fjords of Norway to Finland? They are sooooo breathtakingly beautiful!

I took a lot of pictures during the week (736 to be exact), so this post will be quite photo-heavy…

The journey began on Monday evening at 22:00 from Copenhagen Central Station. Sleeping in the bus was not the best, but with a sleep mask and earplugs I managed.

We arrived in Oslo around 8:00, and after breakfast had a guided tour through the city.

After the tour we continued our journey towards Lærdal. Along the way we stopped to visit Borgund Stave Church, and old wooden church built sometime between 1180 and 1250 AD.

When we got to Læerdal, some people went for a swim in the fjord. I didn’t, as I was still feeling a bit flu-ish from last week. I don’t think anyone actually swam that much, the water was far too cold. 😀

In the evening we had a nice barbeque, and got to witness a truly beautiful sunset behind the fjord.

On Wednesday we woke up around 10, and most of the group departed for a glacier hike. I hadn’t booked it, and joined another group for a regular hike in the area. Hiking was fun! I’m still a bit unsure what counts as hiking, but our walk in the woods along the mountain side definitely did. 😀 We hiked to a waterfall, and then returned to the motel.

On the next morning we continued towards Bergen. The departure time was 5:00, because we had to catch a ferry across the fjord. It went surprisingly smoothly – we just gathered our things and continued sleeping in the bus. I was definitely happy that I had brought my sleep mask with me…

Around 7:30 we hopped onboard a fjord cruise which took us the rest of the way to Bergen. It was definitely worth the early wakeup time – the fjord seen from the boat was an unforgettable experience.

As we were approaching Bergen, the weather changed and we hit a wall of rain.

The evening in Bergen was a bit clouded (heh) by the weather – it rained the whole night. The original plan was to hike on top of the mountain Ulrikken, but because of the rain we couldn’t do that. Instead we rested a bit, and then headed to the city.

The next morning we walked from our hostel to the city center, and had a guided tour of Bergen.

After the tour we grabbed lunch at the fish market, and then took the cable car up to Fløyen. The view was absolutely amazing.

After hurrying down the mountain, it was time to leave Bergen and head back to Oslo. Our driver and tour guide took us to see some sights along the way – first of which was a really beautiful waterfall:

The views along the way weren’t bad either… Because of the warm weather, the rivers were flooding as the snow from the mountains was melting so quickly.

Saturday was a free day in Oslo. We started our day by heading to Grünerløkka, a cool neighbourhood near our hostel.

After wandering around a bit, we headed to what we thought was an old town. Some of the group had headed to a hike again, which we had decided against, but somehow our day turned into a day of urban hiking anyway.

After walking around in the city we headed to the islands of Oslo. Or that was the plan – because of the schedules we ended up only visiting one island, Hovedøya.

The greek in her element.

After the island visit we headed to the royal palace, and behind it. Our mission was to find the school from Skam.

We found it!

After that fangirl moment we rejoined with the hikers.

At 21:00 we left Oslo, and the journey back began. At 21 began also Eurovision, which we watched from my iPad. 😀 It was quite funny watching it with people from other countries than Finland.

Our bus was back in Copenhagen at 4:00 today, so after getting home I headed straight back to sleep. When I woke up, I spent rest of the day recovering. I did manage to get out of the house though, as the weather was so nice – I biked to Klampenborg to chill at the beach. The tan is coming…

That’s all for this week!