Week of anticipation

Yeeah so I haven’t been able to focus on anything this week, because I have a terrible case of käjä, kännijännä:

Kännijännä (n., Finnish), the feeling of anxiety about the fact that you might get drunk later.

Or maybe I’m just nervous about the flight.

It’s Wappu! I’m flying home today, and so I thought I would just post about the week now, and about Wappu maybe after I return to Denmark. The picture above is from last year. I’m so hyped!

I ran past Sorgenfri Palace again on my run on Tuesday.

There isn’t that much to report about the week, though. On Monday I biked to Ballerup and did some work on my list app (it can now store data!). On Tuesday I attended a lecture about Process Mining, and worked on the project that is due some time after Wappu (if such a time even exists?). After that lecture I came home, wrote a song, watched Netflix, and spent way too much time looking at stupid YouTube videos, went for a run – because I just have all this extra time that I definitely shouldn’t be spending studying… On Wednesday I just worked on a project for the course Agile Object-oriented Software Development, and today I had a presentation on my Project Management class.

And now I’m trying not to get too freaked out about the fact that I’ll be on a plane in 4 hours and 3 minutes. If it isn’t obvious, I have a fear of flying. But I’m doing it, and it’ll be fine. Right?

6 hours and I’ll see her again!

And after it I’ll see my dog! And then it’s Wappu! Woop woop!