Summer weather & spontaneity

Summer is here! Or was for a few days! On Monday we stayed at the school late again, and finished our project for the Advanced Topics in Software Engineering course. On Tuesday we had the presentation – it wasn’t a fail! Not amazing, but not a fail.

On Wednesday evening I went to Torvehallerne with Minna and Caroline for sushi and wine. I made the massive error of buying the expensive wine from the sushi place, even though we ate outside, and could have just gone to Netto to buy it there for much cheaper. But at least the wine was good.

On Thursday the weather got even better, and I actually got some tan while biking to and from Ballerup. BUT then on Friday I managed to turn the tan to a sunburn, when I decided to study outside for a few hours… After that I bought some sun protection – but then left it home on Saturday and burned myself again. This week has not been a good brain week. On Thursday I also went to the gym! Yay sports.

On Friday I also joined my housemates for a bike ride! We drove through the deer park (which is so close to the house! Why has it taken me so long to go there?), and along the coast to Charlottenlund again. I still love it. Something about the colour of the pier just makes me happy.

The deer were so chill! And there were so many!

Look at it!

In the evening I saw Anna at the city center. We drank wine and joined some friends at Lo Jo’s. And (!!!) when I arrived at Nørreport to meet Anna, I saw Alex Høgh Andersen, the guy who plays Ivar in the TV show Vikings!! I’m so uncool, but I got so excited, I think he’s the only Danish celebrity I follow on Instagram and then he was just suddenly there. 😀

On Saturday I joined friends to a trip to Helsingør and the Kronborg Castle (again). We took a tour of the castle and it’s basement, and then ate lunch at Helsingør. After lunch we took the ferry to Helsingborg, Sweden, where we walked around for a while before hopping on a train that took us back to Copenhagen, through Malmö and the bridge.

Arriving at Helsingborg

On Saturday evening  I went out with Anna again “for some wine”, and was back home maybe around 7 in the morning. Whoops. My original plan was to spend this weekend studying, because next weekend I’ll be in Finland for Wappu… Buuut I woke up today at around 16 so that definitely didn’t happen. Oh well.

Have a nice week!