Post-holiday haze & some running

This week was really odd. I think I prefer the Finnish version of the Easter holiday (only Friday and Monday off) to the Danish one, because coming back from the long holiday has been really difficult. I have absolutely no motivation or focus for school right now. My concentration has been really off anyway, seems like I can’t do anything without doing something else at the same time. I’ve started listening to the Harry Potter audiobooks, and to be able to focus on those I need to be constantly doing something else as well. This something else has been a really stupid bubble game… What is my life. Why can’t my obsessions ever be something productive or useful?

I think that because I was walking around so much last week in Germany, I was feeling very active this week as well. On Monday I went for a short run (partly because I wanted to listen to the audiobooks… 😀 I’m so hooked). On Wednesday I wasn’t feeling good, and so I skipped the school day, but after feeling better on the afternoon went for a walk.

On Friday the weather was really nice, and so I wanted to do some exploring. I looked around, and decided to go and check out a beach called Tisvildeje Strand about 40 minutes away from Lyngby. It was near this really cute little town, and I can imagine it being a nice holiday spot in the summer.

In the evening I travelled to Nørrebro to meet Minna, and she showed me around her favourite local places. It’s really nice to see how the city seems to be coming alive now that it’s a bit warmer and sunnier!

On Saturday I joined my buddy Laura for a charity run called Ocean Run 2018. The run was organized to raise awareness of plastic pollution in the ocean, and to raise money for the non-profit organization Plastic ChangeFor every lap (2km), 20kr were donated to the organization. We were going to run maybe 3 laps, but after 6km it seemed silly not to do the 10km, so that’s what we ended up doing. Amager Strand was a really nice place for running, except for the fact that half of the lap was always against wind, which was really strong on Saturday.

In the evening I joined my uncle and cousins for a dinner and drinks, and for the first time visited the meatpacking district. It was pretty cool!

Today I’ve had a pretty bad hangover, thanks to the fact that I didn’t drink enough water after the run, but instead focused on cider & wine. Oh well. The weather today was unbelievably warm – 16 degrees! It was snowing like a week ago?? But I’m not complaining – it’s finally spring! Woop woop!

Healthy hangover lunch with Caroline. 😀

That’s all for this week! Byeee.