Harry Styles & visitors from Finland

Hello blog!

On Monday I decided quite randomly to go to a Harry Styles concert. I happened to see an advertisement somewhere, thought about it, and then figured that he probably won’t be coming to Finland any time soon (no-one ever does…). And, because I really liked his album (and am living my new independent life :’D), I just decided to go.

I’m so glad that I went – the concert was amazing! Man, I so thought my 1D fangirl-phase was over… Buuut I think I fell back in love. Harry’s new stuff is really good! I have been listening his song From the Dining Table on repeat.

On Thursday we had dinner with the Norwegian friends again. Minna couldn’t come this time because her voice was still gone. 🙁 But the rest of us had a nice time making tortillas (again 😀 )!

On the weekend I had my dad & godparents visiting from Finland! It was so nice to see them again, and to show them around my new home town. They arrived on Thursday evening, and I met up with them on Nørreport. From there we walked to their apartment. THE PLACE WAS CRAZY. It was on Stockholmsgade, and you could see the National Gallery SMK from the windows. The interior design was really nice (& fancy!), and the lady who the house belonged to was really sweet. On the first night we had dinner around the corner from the apartment, at Aamanns. We had smørrebrød, which I think I finally get now. It’s good! And I also learned that you’re always supposed to eat it with a knife and a fork. Good to know. 😀

On Friday morning we met at Lyngby and got some breakfast, and then I showed my visitors around our house and the campus.

After seeing DTU we decided to take my car and drive up to Helsingør, and visit the Kronborg CastleIt was really cool, and made me want to read Hamlet, which is supposed to be set there. We bought tickets to walk around the castle, and climbed up to the tower.

There were two rooms full of pictures of famous actors who have acted in live versions of Hamlet in the castle.

After the castle we decided to go for lunch in Helsingør. We opted for “modern asian” food at a place called Ø. We all went for their bento box, which was delicious.

After returning from Helsingør we checked out the pub next to my house in Lyngby. 😀 It was interesting… But definitely not as weird as I thought it might be. There were a lot of people drinking and playing pool, considering that the time was around 5pm (I think). Also, because smoking is allowed inside bars here, the inside air was pretty bad.

In Copenhagen we decided to have our dinner in the apartment, to get some use out of the dining room. Riitta prepared duck, and it was glorious. 😀

We started Saturday by going shopping. Well, Riitta and I did. Dad and Timo went to check out their old hangout places. Riitta bought me a late birthday present – a bag that I can hide my camera in without it looking so much like a camera bag. 🙂 After shopping we met up for lunch at Gorm’s. Their pizza was insanely good. After lunch we headed to the national gallery SMK. 

In the evening (after a short nap) we headed out again, to Nyhavn. Funnily enough, we ended up having dinner in the same restaurant, Nyhavn 37, where we had Irish Coffees on my birthday. 😀 This time I got lobster, steak, and a creme brûlée. They were all delicious.

My visitors left on Sunday morning, but we met up for breakfast before that.

Next week is the easter break, and I’m heading to Germany! I’m feeling a bit scared (but also excited), because this is my first time going solo traveling. 😀 If all else fails, I can always just chill in my hotel room and watch Netflix. Which is what I have been doing all day today…

The plan is to go to Lübeck tomorrow, then to Schwerin on Tuesday evening, and to Berlin on Wednesday evening. Then, on Friday, I will travel back home through Hamburg. The weather forecast doesn’t look that promising right now, but I will hope for the best!

Have a nice week! 🙂