Card games and places with potential

Another week done! This spring is going by so fast… Although we are still waiting for it to actually feel like spring here. This week it snowed several times, but it never really stuck. Very similar to how it has been in Finland these last few years, actually.

On Monday evening I joined my friends for some card games at S-huset. We played a game that I guess is called “Tute” in Spanish. Hector didn’t have a translation for it in English, but the game was fun! I wasn’t that good at it though.

On Tuesday I attended a wine tasting event organised by ESN. It was called “blind tasting for dummies”, which I really, really was. We tasted four different white wines and tried our best to analyse what they were. At the end it was revealed that all of the wines were Chardonnay. I’m kind of glad, because I didn’t really that much like any of them. So, maybe I can draw the conclusion that I just don’t like Chardonnay? It was interesting, though, to notice how much the four differed from each other, in terms of sweetness and such. We also learned that when a wine is kept in an oak barrel, it can smell like vanilla. Who knew? Many people probably, but I didn’t.

My notes. I’m clearly a wine expert now.


This is the only picture I have from Wednesday. Says a lot.

On Thursday I met Minna for sushi at the main street of Lyngby. After eating we walked around the area, but because it was wet, dark and kind of foggy, the experience was a bit lacking in the scenery department. There were a few cute bridges that we thought would be pretty in the summer. And we also found a boat rental place!

On Friday I joined Minna and her friends for a day at Frederiksberg. The original plan was to go ice skating again, but the ice skating ring was actually closed. So, instead, we walked around Frederiksberg Gardens for a while. Again, they had a lot of potential, but weren’t that impressive now that all the roads were filled with slush. After the (relatively short) tour around the gardens, we walked to a place called WestMarket. I opted for tacos, which were really good. It was definitely a place worth visiting again.

On Saturday I jumped into my car and drove to TAP1, the same venue where we saw The Script a week before. They had a flea market that I wanted to check out. Unfortunately my logic was a bit flawed, and I didn’t remember to take enough cash with me to actually buy anything… Although maybe it was better that I didn’t. The market was nice though.

In the evening I met up with Anna and her friends for a Girls’ Night. We started the evening at a Korean restaurant, Seoul. I think that this was probably my first time at a Korean restaurant. The food was really delicious! The evening ended at a bar, the name of which I don’t actually remember. They had nice drinks, but the music was a bit meh. At the end of the night I had my first taxi ride in Denmark… I’m kind of proud that I have avoided it so far! The price was pretty much the same that it would have been in Finland, which is good to know.

Today I was quite hungover, so all my Sunday plans pretty much fell through. I did, however, try out the pizzeria next door. It was ok. Lots of cheese in the pizza. 😀

We also had a poker night with the house mates! And I didn’t lose! Woop woop.

We did some Finnish and Polish shots.

And that’s all for now 🙂

Have a nice week!