Winter is here?

Hello again blog! This week was much more uneventful than the last, and so I haven’t got that much to write about. During the week I mostly just tried to recover from last weekend by chilling at home watching Netflix (the new season of New Girl is out!) (I finished it already…). On Tuesday my friend from Finland had a layover flight at the Copenhagen airport, and so I drove to meet her there. On Tuesday we also went to Ikea with Minna, and I finally have my clothes organised somewhere that is not my suitcase! Yay!

And yes, it snowed! (Not much though.) But on Friday it snowed lightly pretty much the whole day. I took some pictures from the same spot that I found last week, this time with a more wintery look:

Hmm, what else… Oh, on Friday I took part in a Pub Crawl! 😀 It was FUN. We went around 4 bars (Da Vinci, Aloha, Stereo Bar, and Atlanta) in a smaller group, and then joined all other groups in the final bar (Tørst Bar) for a bigger party. Many shots were had… I drank maybe 12? 15? Not sure. 😀 Oh well.

This was a helmet that our group was competing for. The wearer of the helmet could be challenged to anything and the winner of the challenge got the helmet. I didn’t get to wear it once… 😀 At the end of the night the person wearing the helmet got some kind of reward. Maybe an extra shot? 

On Saturday I had planned to go and check out a Pop Up Street Food market, but unsurprisingly I didn’t get up early enough. In the evening I went to a The Script concert with some friends to a place called TAP1. It was really nice, the venue reminded me of Kaapelitehdas in Helsinki. They had a good bar selection with a few really nice Gin drinks. After the concert we went to a cute bar called Kalaset for cocktails.

Today I joined my housemates for a board game night at a place called Bastard Cafe. We played three games: Coup, a card game; Captain Sonar, a board game that proved too hard and stressful for our chill night; and Dixit, a slow paced party game that I really liked.

I tried a Sheppy’s raspberry cider, and it was really good! Not at all too sweet. Must remember this one. 😀

That’s all for now, have a nice week! 🙂