Harry Styles & visitors from Finland

Hello blog!

On Monday I decided quite randomly to go to a Harry Styles concert. I happened to see an advertisement somewhere, thought about it, and then figured that he probably won’t be coming to Finland any time soon (no-one ever does…). And, because I really liked his album (and am living my new independent life :’D), I just decided to go.

I’m so glad that I went – the concert was amazing! Man, I so thought my 1D fangirl-phase was over… Buuut I think I fell back in love. Harry’s new stuff is really good! I have been listening his song From the Dining Table on repeat.

On Thursday we had dinner with the Norwegian friends again. Minna couldn’t come this time because her voice was still gone. 🙁 But the rest of us had a nice time making tortillas (again 😀 )!

On the weekend I had my dad & godparents visiting from Finland! It was so nice to see them again, and to show them around my new home town. They arrived on Thursday evening, and I met up with them on Nørreport. From there we walked to their apartment. THE PLACE WAS CRAZY. It was on Stockholmsgade, and you could see the National Gallery SMK from the windows. The interior design was really nice (& fancy!), and the lady who the house belonged to was really sweet. On the first night we had dinner around the corner from the apartment, at Aamanns. We had smørrebrød, which I think I finally get now. It’s good! And I also learned that you’re always supposed to eat it with a knife and a fork. Good to know. 😀

On Friday morning we met at Lyngby and got some breakfast, and then I showed my visitors around our house and the campus.

After seeing DTU we decided to take my car and drive up to Helsingør, and visit the Kronborg CastleIt was really cool, and made me want to read Hamlet, which is supposed to be set there. We bought tickets to walk around the castle, and climbed up to the tower.

There were two rooms full of pictures of famous actors who have acted in live versions of Hamlet in the castle.

After the castle we decided to go for lunch in Helsingør. We opted for “modern asian” food at a place called Ø. We all went for their bento box, which was delicious.

After returning from Helsingør we checked out the pub next to my house in Lyngby. 😀 It was interesting… But definitely not as weird as I thought it might be. There were a lot of people drinking and playing pool, considering that the time was around 5pm (I think). Also, because smoking is allowed inside bars here, the inside air was pretty bad.

In Copenhagen we decided to have our dinner in the apartment, to get some use out of the dining room. Riitta prepared duck, and it was glorious. 😀

We started Saturday by going shopping. Well, Riitta and I did. Dad and Timo went to check out their old hangout places. Riitta bought me a late birthday present – a bag that I can hide my camera in without it looking so much like a camera bag. 🙂 After shopping we met up for lunch at Gorm’s. Their pizza was insanely good. After lunch we headed to the national gallery SMK. 

In the evening (after a short nap) we headed out again, to Nyhavn. Funnily enough, we ended up having dinner in the same restaurant, Nyhavn 37, where we had Irish Coffees on my birthday. 😀 This time I got lobster, steak, and a creme brûlée. They were all delicious.

My visitors left on Sunday morning, but we met up for breakfast before that.

Next week is the easter break, and I’m heading to Germany! I’m feeling a bit scared (but also excited), because this is my first time going solo traveling. 😀 If all else fails, I can always just chill in my hotel room and watch Netflix. Which is what I have been doing all day today…

The plan is to go to Lübeck tomorrow, then to Schwerin on Tuesday evening, and to Berlin on Wednesday evening. Then, on Friday, I will travel back home through Hamburg. The weather forecast doesn’t look that promising right now, but I will hope for the best!

Have a nice week! 🙂

Doing stuff alone & a weekend trip to Aarhus!

Hello blog! First, sorry that this post is late! I can’t believe I couldn’t keep to my schedule… But it wasn’t because of me, I had technical difficulties. Anyway, because of the weekend trip, I decided to divide this post into 2 parts. Just note that I wrote about the week on Friday, and about the Aarhus trip on Sunday.


This is a good depiction of how focused we are with our Advanced Topics in Software Engineering project.

This week had a very strong theme, I think.

First, on Tuesday I went to the movies alone for the first time ever… It was somehow very freeing! I went to see Call Me by Your Name, which was fantastic – easily my favourite new movie that I’ve seen since La La Land. I think that they had a very similar feel, actually, with the way colours were used. And of course with the love story. And with how heavily music was part of the movie.

There was only one issue that I totally failed to realise beforehand… Because the movie is set in Italy, at times the characters spoke Italian (and French). And it was, of course, subtitled in Danish. Which I don’t understand. I did have some idea what they were saying, through my mediocre Swedish skills, but I might have to watch the movie again with English or Finnish subtitles. Luckily I was so impressed with the movie, that I immediately went and bought the book to my Kindle afterwards. So, maybe I can fill the translation gaps with the book.

This is a song from the movie that I’m now listening on repeat:

Listen to it. I’m in love.

Okay, but back to the theme – independence! I’m trying to do more traveling stuff just by myself. I feel like I’ve been here 7 weeks now, and keep waiting for it to become sunny / for friends to be free to do stuff. On Thursday I decided that I will just start exploring, even though the weather was super windy and cloudy.

So, I took my car and straight after the day’s lecture I drove to Charlottenlund, which I picked from the map by chance. It turned out to be a beach park with a nice, mint green pier – definitely worth a bike trip when it gets warmer!

My route.

I drove along the coast, and stopped from time to time to take in the view and snap pictures. It was freezing cold (so cold my phone died – luckily I have a charger in the car), but I really enjoyed my little adventure. My final stop was at Rungsted Harbour, where I ate sushi at Sticks ‘N’ Sushi. ALONE! I think it was my first time eating alone in a restaurant where they serve you to the table. But I survived!

The reason I’m trying to learn to do stuff alone is that I don’t have any friends I’m thinking about maybe doing a solo trip to Germany during the easter break! I messed it up a little bit – by the time I realised that it will actually be a week off from DTU (it’s just a long weekend in Finland), everyone had booked their trips or made plans to go home for the week. And I want to do something too. So why not alone?


On Friday morning I picked up Minna from Herlev Station, and we started our journey towards Aarhus. We had decided to stop in Roskilde on our way, because we thought that it would be a shame not to go and see one of the oldest cities in Denmark. In reality we only saw a little part of it, because we drove straight to the church without really taking in the rest of the city. It was really nice though! (The weather was freezing.) After walking around the church’s surroundings we drove to the harbour to see if we could get a look at the Viking Museum, but there wasn’t much that you could see without paying the ticket.

We really hadn’t done any research when preparing for this trip, and were really, REALLY impressed with the bridge that connects the islands Sjælland and Fyn. It’s even longer than the one between Sweden and Denmark! The weather wasn’t that clear on our way there, and because of that we couldn’t see the other island when driving on the bridge, so it seemed even longer.

In Aarhus we drove straight to our AirBnb (which was actually in Viby). Friday marked the 1 year anniversary of my mom’s death, so after having dinner at a nice place called Cafe Smagløs in the city, we decided to just head back to the AirBnb to watch movies. The two movies we watched were Hannah Montana: The movie (don’t judge us – listen to The Climb and tell me that it isn’t an epic masterpiece… 😀 ) and La La Land (still amazing).

Somewhere during the evening Minna lost her voice, and it never came back during weekend. It was a bit challenging. 😀 But she came up with a solution – she bought a notebook and a pen that she used to write messages with. 😀 It worked!

On Saturday we headed to the city pretty early, and had a nice brunch at a cafe near the railway station.

After that we toured some shops, and then headed into Den Gamle By, an open-air museum of urban history and culture in Denmark. It was really interesting, but as everything touristy, would probably have been nicer in the summer. We also checked out the botanical gardens. Again – probably really nice in the summer.

For dinner we had pizza in a restaurant called Passione – the food was great, and the staff was so friendly, our waiter even sang to us in Finnish. 😀 After the dinner we randomly decided to go and see a movie, and because I had been hyping up Call Me by Your Name to Minna so much, we went to see that again. I’m, at this point, about halfway through the book, and it really gave a whole layer of understanding to the movie. An not only to the parts that are in Italian. 😀

On Sunday we went to a brunch buffet, walked around a bit more, and then headed to ARoS – an art museum. The museum’s highest floor is a glass rainbow that you can walk around in. Definitely worth seeing if you’re going to Aarhus!

I really fell in love with Aarhus as a city – the river that runs through the city center is so cute, with all the bridges going across it, and Danish architecture just doesn’t cease to amaze me.

On our way back we saw the most beautiful sunset, and somehow timed it perfectly to when we drove across the long bridge back to Sjælland. I would almost call it magic – we were supposed to leave ARoS at around 15:00, but started towards home closer to 16:30. And I’m so about our change of plans – I MEAN LOOK:

Aaand that’s all from this (or now last) week.



Kirjoitanpas tämän tekstin suomeksi. Ehkä vähän siksi että en olisi niin kovin downeri jos joku uusi vaihtokaveri eksyy lukemaan, ja ehkä vähän siksi että tästä on helpompi puhua äidinkielellä. Tai ehkei helpompi, englanti on myös aika dramaattinen kieli. Vähän tuntuu että tästä tulee aika dramaattinen teksti.

Mutta siis.

16.3. on kulunut 1 vuosi siitä kun äiti kuoli.

Muistan kun olin pieni, ja meidän perheeseen hankittiin koira, Tiki. Silloin ajattelin, että jos Tiki kuolee, niin en varmana mene kouluun ainakaan viikkoon ja mikään ei enää ikinä ole kivaa. Noh, Tiki kuoli myös viime vuonna. Mutta kas kummaa, siinä vaiheessa kevättä ei enää ollutkaan jäljellä surumuruja joissa olisi jaksanut velloa viikkokaupalla. Oli vaan aukko, jonka reunat vähän kasvoivat. Ja sitten ne kasvoivat vähän lisää, kun mummi kuoli syksyllä. Nyt tuntuu, että joka kerta kun yritän olla surullinen jostain muusta asiasta kuin äidistä, niin se alkuperäinen suru jyrää kaiken muun yli.

Tavallaan äidin kuolema ei vieläkään tunnu todelliselta. Varsinkin nyt kun olen täällä Tanskassa, kun ajatus välillä karkaa ja todellisuus unohtuu, mieleen poksahtaa ajatuksia kuten esimerkiksi että “hei, pitääpä kysyä äidiltä että voinko tankata Vauvikseen bensaa jos pumpussa lukee 95 mutta ei E10?”. Ehkä kuitenkin vaikeinta on herätä aamulla unesta jossa äiti on edelleen elossa, ja joutua kohtaamaan pettymys kun asia ei olekaan enää niin. Tavallaan Tanskassa elely tuo äidin myös lähelle, koska äitikin aikoinaan täällä vaihtonsa vietti. Mulla on mukana täällä tuo ylempänä näkyvä kuva, jossa ollaan myös jossain päin Skagenia. Reissu sinne on myös suunnitelmissa, mutta keväämmällä.

Olen tässä yrittänyt analysoida, että missä vaiheessa surua menen. Google kertoo, että on olemassa 7 surun tasoa: shock & denial (1), pain & guilt (2), depression (3), reflection (4), loneliness (5), upward turn (6), ja reconstruction (7). Tavallaan tuntuu, että surffailen vieläkin tuolla ykkösvaiheen denial-aallonharjalla, mutta toisaalta taidan myös tässä kovasti reflektoida, että tiedäs häntä. Jokaisen suru on varmasti erilainen. Omaani on kuulunut mm. syvään hengittämistä ja ylöspäin tuijottelua kun ajatus karkaa vaarallisille vesille, etten itkisi tuntemattomien ihmisten keskellä metrolaiturilla. Tai luennolla. Tai töissä. Tai pilatestunnilla. Mutta siihen on kuulunut myös naurua, äidin kunniaksi nostettuja skumppalaseja, ja äidin usein sanomien lausahdusten toistelemista tilanteissa joissa äiti niitä olisi käyttänyt (jos maantietä ajaessa laitumella näkyy lehmä, kuuluu sitä tervehtiä sanomalla “No HALOO”).

Otin mukaan tänne Tanskaan äidin vanhat päiväkirjat, joita lukemalla olen aika ajoin taltuttanut ikävää – vaikka enhän minä tavallaan koskaan tavannut sitä versiota äidistä, joka niitä juttuja esimerkiksi äidin fuksivuonna kirjoitti. Silti, on kovin ihanaa huomata, että äiti kirjoitti ihan samanlaista settiä teini-/lukioiässä, kuin mitä mun päiväkirjoista löytyy. 😀 Löysin sieltä myös erittäin rohkaisevan ja hyvän lauseen, jonka äiti kirjoitti vajaa vuosi sen jälkeen kun äidin isä kuoli: Kaikesta selviää ja aika kuluu”.

Jep jep.

Kaikesta selviää ja aika kuluu. Tänään aion nostaa maljan kuohuvaa äidin muistolle Aarhusissa, ja jatkaa asian käsittelyä. 1 vuodesta on selvitty – välillä vähän huonommin, mutta oikeastaan kuitenkin aika hyvin.

Lopuksi vielä – olen tässä nyt kuluneen vuoden ajan koittanut kovasti kirjoittaa kappaletta jossa käsittelisin tätä asiaa, mutta joka kerta kun jotain olen kirjoittanut niin on tuntunut, että biisi on liian kurja tarkoitukseen. Tällä viikolla kuitenkin inspiroiduin, ja biisi syntyi kuin itsestään. Se ei ole vielä aivan valmis (ja äänitetty iPhonen kuulokkeilla, GarageBandilla & puutteellisilla soittotaidoilla), mutta tuli tunne, että haluaisin sen liittää tämän tekstin yhteyteen tänään.

Joten – tässä on raakaversio kappaleesta Hengitän: