First week of lectures

So, because of my cold last week, this week was the first one where I could actually go to the lectures. The courses that I am taking here are:

  1. Mobile Application Development with Swift (5 credits). This was the course that I was most excited about beforehand, as app development is something I could possibly see myself doing someday. Maybe. This might also be the most demanding one of my courses here, at least based on this week.
  2. Advanced Topics in Software Engineering (5 credits). This I was maybe most worried about beforehand, because it’s the only one of my courses here that’s actually a Masters course. I think. But at least based on this week, I think I’ll be fine.
  3. Agile Object-oriented Software Development (10 credits). I have taken a similar course in Aalto, and the lecturer actually asked me what I was doing in the class when he found out. BUT it was Scala, and this is Java… And the course was in 2014, so I’m looking at this course more as a way to get my programming routine back on track. Or something.
  4. Project Management (5 credits). A bit of a wild card in my course selection, but apparently a lot of exchange students had the same idea as the course is maybe 40% international students.

All in all the selection of courses that I could have taken (and would have been interested in) wasn’t that big, and all these courses seem at least now like they were a good pick. My lectures are divided between the two DTU campuses around Copenhagen, Lyngby and Ballerup, but that’s OK. I have Mondays and Thursdays on Ballerup, and Tuesdays and Wednesdays on Lyngby, which is the main campus where we had our introduction week. On Fridays I have nothing – yay!

Other than school, I didn’t do much during the week. On evenings I mostly continued my relationship with Netflix. I watched 3 movies this week:

  1. Rip Tide, a surfer movie about a girl who wants to escape her life of being a famous supermodel. It was super cheesy and predictable, which to me equals top entertainment for a weekday evening. 😀
  2. Rumor Has It…, a Jennifer Aniston movie. I wasn’t that into it.
  3. Mirror Mirror. A fun retelling of Snow White. Easily the best movie this week. Why isn’t life a fairytale? Just asking…
My breakfast on Friday. I’m trying to find the optimal breakfast that doesn’t require a trip to the kitchen…

On Friday I spent pretty much the whole day writing a song. I’m kind of afraid to know how much of my daily ukulele & singing sessions can be heard through the walls… I do hear almost everything that happens in the hallway, and from time to time I hear one of my neighbours singing in the shower. So I guess they can also hear me. But maybe they will come and complain if they get annoyed? Although I hope they don’t. I have been quiet after 22:00, which is the building rule.

On Friday evening I travelled to Nørrebro, and we had a wine+sushibowl girls night with Minna.

On Saturday we met up with the buddy group, and went to see the Tivoli amusement park. As a former Linnanmäki employee it was somewhat interesting to see their winter theme. The only downside was that Tivoli had an entrance fee (100 DKK) that we had to pay, even though we didn’t go to any of the rides. But I would say that the experience was worth it. 🙂 The park was decorated with fake snow and fairy lights, and there was a possibility to go ice skating (we didn’t, but maybe I’ll go another time?). The aesthetic was exactly the kind of fairy tale land I was looking for after watching Mirror Mirror. 😀

On Saturday evening there was a welcome party hosted by ESN that I went to. The bar where it was held, Aloha Beach Bar, was a bit small for the crowd, but the party was great otherwise. 🙂

And that’s all this week! Today I think I’ll just stay at home with my (thankfully very mild) hangover, and maybe watch a (yet another) Netflix movie. There was a new one released this week, When We First Met, that looks promising.

Have a nice week! 🙂