Not a great week

I think I jinxed myself last week by writing that I was hoping that this week would be as good as the first one. It was not. I was sick in bed from Monday to Friday, to the point that the days seem like a blur now. I very rarely get bad colds in Finland – I get sick, but it’s not usual for me to have a fever over 37,5. Last time I had a fever this high (38,7 on Wednesday) was in 2014, I think.

Not as much snow as in Finland right now… But it did snow this week!

But yeah, not much to report this week. I watched a LOT of Netflix – mostly Arrow and The Flash… And 4 movies. The first was A Royal Affairwhich is about Danish royalty. The second was Step Sisters, which I guess is a new Netflix movie. Then I got into a mood to watch romantic movies, so I watched Australia (which was amazing), and The Choice (which was a sobfest).

Today we went to the actual movies with Minna, to see The Greatest ShowmanI loved it. It was magical and wonderful and had a singing and dancing Zac Efron. What more can anyone want from a movie?

Hopefully I have more to talk about next week… And that I didn’t fall too behind by missing the first lecture of all my courses.

Bye for now!