Introduction Week

This week was the Introduction Week! The DTU people had divided us into “buddy groups” beforehand, and on Monday morning we met each other at 8:30 in the DTU main building. I was late, surprise surprise, because I severely underestimated how much the traffic would affect the drive, which I had on Sunday checked to be about 20 minutes. I think it was closer to 35.  Of course, knowing this didn’t stop me from being late also on Tuesday… And again on Wednesday. And on Friday. Oops.

The parking lot of building 101 on Lyngby Campus.

There are a couple of things about the Danish traffic and driving that are different to ours.

  1. The bigger roads seem to always have 3 lanes. On Saturday, when we got here, I kept driving on the middle lane even though I was going pretty slow, because to me driving on the rightmost lane keeps feeling like I am going to turn away from the road at the next exit, even though the lane continues.
  2. The speed limits are higher – on roads that in Finland the limit would be about 70 km/h (think Kehä I in Espoo) it can easily be 90 km/h, and on any bigger road it’s 110 km/h.
  3. Bike lanes! You have to be very aware of bikers, especially when turning right. The first right turn that I took on Saturday (with the backseat full of our stuff and my vision blocked) I almost hit a biker. Luckily I didn’t, and since then I have made a rule to always stop and double-check that there’s no-one sneaking up on me.

The people on DTU have been super nice! My buddy group is great, we have people from France, China, Germany, USA, Sweden and Norway in our group. On Monday we mostly played games that involved getting to know each other. They felt a bit silly at first, but were maybe necessary in breaking the ice.

Tuesday was a workshop day, where we picked 4 workshops according to our interests. My picks were;

  1. a lecture about the Danish courses that you can take on DTU,
  2. an ESN lecture about the Danish culture,
  3. a lecture about travelling in Europe when you’re on a budget
  4. a biking workshop, where we were taught the different hand gestures to use in traffic, and some other rules that you have to know when biking in Copenhagen.
My lunch from Tuesday – in DTU you pay for your meal by weight.

On the afternoon we had a “Cake Run”, where we competed against other groups and tried to assemble ingredients for a cake. Apparently this was the first time that a Cake Run has been tried, and there were maybe some issues. But we did manage to build a cake!

Our cake.

On Wednesday we had an Inspiration Day, where we were given lectures about the topics that we will be studying in DTU. I picked a lecture about indoor acoustics, from the Department of Digital Media Engineering, as the computer science one was a bit too deep into data for my liking. The lecture was interesting, and afterwards we did a “pilot project” with those groups. The topic of the project was to build a system that could measure 1 minute as accurately as possible, from things like plastic cups, balloons and straws. The system that we (and most of the other groups) built dropped water from one cup to another. The minute line was marked on the lower cup with an elastic band. We didn’t win the accuracy competition (our system took 1min 5secs), but we did have fun building the thing. 😀

Thursday was my favourite day of the week. We took part on a “DTU-Mazing Race” around Copenhagen. It was a lot of fun, and a great way to get to know the city.

Nørreport station. This seems to be the best station for me when going between the city center and Albertslund.

The Botanical Garden of Copenhagen.

We were just in time to see the changing of the guard at the Amalienborg Palace.

Nyhavn. We found the place with the colourful houses!
Our DTU-Mazing group!


This is where we ate our lunch on Thursday.
From inside Vor Frue Kirke.

Christiansborg Palace.
The view from Christiansborg tower.
FarFar’s bar, where the race ended.

On Friday there was a Gala dinner, and after that an award show where winners of the different competitions during the Introduction Week were rewarded. We were not expecting to win anything, but ended up being announced the winners of the DTU-Mazing Race! As a reward, we got stuffed “animals” (they were different kinds of microbes). I’m using mine as a neck pillow right now. 😀

Meet Bookworm!

On Saturday I went to pick up my car from Lyngby, and made a quick trip to IKEA. Then I tagged along with Minna and her buddy group for a dinner and some drinks. 🙂 On Sunday we met with our buddy group and went to see the free town of Christiania. I took my camera with me, but apparently you can’t take pictures there. Here are a few from the gates:

All in all the week was awesome, and I hope that the actual start of studies tomorrow goes as well as this week has. I’m now feeling a bit ill and feverish, but hopefully that will pass with a good night’s sleep.

Until next week!