Week(end) 1

We are here!

The journey to Denmark started quite precisely at 17:00 on Friday. We packed our things to my small but spacious car, and got on the road towards Turku. In Turku we got into M/S Gabriella, after first waiting for about an hour in the line to the ship because we got there early. Oops.


The car ticket thingy, which we first didn’t know was supposed to hang there..


When the ship finally started towards Stockholm, we decided to go and get glasses of white wine to ease our nerves, which were at this point all over the place.  Unfortunately that one-glass-of-Riesling moment was all the partying that we did on our small cruise to Sweden. When we went to sleep (early!)  I found out that Irina would have been playing in the ship’s bar. Oh well.

On Saturday our alarms were set to 5:30. This was, surprisingly, not that much of a bummer, because the excitement was pretty effective at getting us moving. The journey through Sweden started in the dark, and we decided that we would drive a little way out of Stockholm before stopping for breakfast and, most importantly, coffee.



After our breakfast the sun woke up as well, and we got to witness the winter wonderland that the roadsides had turned into. At times the road was a bit scary to drive on, because of the snow and the ice, but those bits thankfully didn’t last that long. It was also interesting to see that the weather conditions changed quite a lot throughout our drive. The snowy bits were usually followed by foggy bits, which I guess makes sense. There was one maybe 20-minute stretch where the fog got so intense that I couldn’t see more than a few meters in front of us.


We stopped to get petrol from this moose-themed (?) gas station.
This was a cute road that we followed when we tried to find a lunch place. We didn’t find anything there.
The bridge to Denmark!


All in all the drive was surprisingly easy and over before it got too tedious. There weren’t a lot of cars on the road anywhere, even as it got later in the day, so I got to drive at my own pace most of the way. What made the drive extra fun was the playlist that we had compiled the previous night – the car ride was basically a 7-hour karaoke trip…

We arrived at the Lyngby Campus to pick up my keys around 15:30, which was pretty early to our estimates. From there we went to Nørrebro to Minna’s new place, where I left her with her new roommate. In the evening we went to Ikea to get some necessary things. I might have gotten a bit carried away with the whole “hygge” thing… But the rent of my temporary home is cheap and it shows, so I can compensate with cosy pillows and blankets, right?


The hygge corner.


Right now it’s Sunday evening, and getting kind of late, and I would like to sleep well before tomorrow’s first orientation day. Here are some pictures that I took today as we walked around the central Copenhagen (at least what we think is central Copenhagen? We have no idea at this point…):