Week 0

Hello blog.

There are 3 nights left before I leave for DTU. I have started packing, as well as looking through things that I need to do before leaving Finland. One thing that I had forgotten to do was to send my DTU acceptance letter to Aalto University, which they needed for me to be allowed a study abroad grant. Luckily I can still get the grant, but it will be paid in February.

Otherwise it’s starting to look like I’m good to go. I left a travel notice to matkustusilmoitus.fi,¬†applied for financial aid for studying abroad from Kela, and changed my address to WebOodi. Ronja has been helping me, as you can see in the picture. She’s a great assistant. I will miss her so much.

Anyway, nothing left to do now but to see friends this week and to pack my things for Friday. We are driving first to Turku, and then taking M/S Gabriella to Stockholm. On Saturday, we will be driving through Sweden, and will hopefully arrive to Copenhagen before 5pm to collect the key to my room.